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Madre Tierra Medium Roast

Madre Tierra Medium Roast

Introducing Madre Tierra, our single-origin coffee that exudes confidence and flair. This coffee isn't a beverage; it makes a statement. Sourced from the heart of Colombia's landscapes Madre Tierra is here to redefine your coffee experience.

Let's dive into the flavor profile. Madre Tierra proudly showcases hints of apple and grapefruit. Picture biting into an apple followed by a refreshing burst of grapefruit – surprising yet incredibly revitalizing. This coffee does not perk you up. Also takes your taste buds on a delightful journey, through Colombia's fruity essence.

Now about the acidity? Oh, it's as bright as your future. It boasts an invigorating acidity that energizes you and makes you question why you settled for anything before. Madre Tierra isn't just any coffee; it's a morning revelation in your mug.

But let's be honest – this coffee isn't for the heart. It caters to the souls who are unafraid to venture beyond their comfort zones. It's, for those who embrace life with sass and proudly display it.
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