Building a Roastery & Cafe during COVID-19

Building a Roastery & Cafe during COVID-19

So here we are, first day of April 2020 – Currently there are many businesses closing down due to COVID-19. Many local restaurants, bars and even coffee shops are struggling to survive during this crisis.

Their is a upswing to this situation, we are coffee roasters, we are considered a food manufacturing establishment meaning we are an essential business. We can still roast away while practicing food safety standards ( which we have been doing from the start, duh) . We have been roasting at a co-roasting facility in SE Portland since we started the company and we are fortunate they’re still open to all roasters to allow us to roast for our customers.

So what about our roastery and the construction?

Fortunately, construction is still continuing on but s-l-o-w-l-y. We had a plumber, HVAC & electioneer lined up to tackle this but some of the those folks backed due to the outbreak.

However, my contractor is amazing and still is able to continue on the project. The one priority is for her workers to be healthy and practicing social distancing – I agree 100% . Not can her crew continue on with the project but we were able to find some folk who were willing to do the plumbing & electrical work – The upswing is our location is vacant and everyone can practice the social distancing. As far as the HVAC work, my contractor can do this work ( and it would be cheaper) for her crew to make this happen! We are waiting for the City of Hillsboro to approve the permits for her crew to do the HVAC work.

So currently right now, it is a waiting game. It stinks , I’m so anxious for this to be completed so we can open, roast and serve people our coffee. For now I’m focusing on the website, still roasting coffee & working behind the scene’s to be ready on the day we do open.

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