• Roasting Coffee with attitude

    We're not assembly-line coffee. We roast with attitude, ensuring every bean tells a story.

    We are a story of resilience and a cheeky grin. Each sip is Bold, just like the mom behind the magic.

  • Committed to our Customers

    Our Coffee is from our heart.

    We pour everything we've got and maybe a little pixie dust.

    Why settle for boring when you can have coffee that's as unique as you?

  • Being Bold like our coffee

    We're on a mission to make your coffee moments anything but ordinary.

    Whether you're crushing it at work or chilling at home, our coffee is here to add a little "hell yeah!" to your day.

Visit our Coffee Café & Roastery

Based in Hillsboro, Oregon.

Our café is located minutes away from Hillsboro Hops Baseball Stadium, Intel Campus and Downtown Hillsboro.

Visit our café and get yourself a latte and bag of coffee in our shop.

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Wholesale Coffee

From the bustling energy of coffee shops to the busy hum of office life, our coffee's there to make a difference. For restaurants and bakeries, think of us as that secret ingredient that keeps customers coming back for more.

Got a taste for adventure? Explore our wholesale options and become a part of the story. Let's make coffee that's as lively and spirited as you are!

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