Who is the Mom? About Roasted by Mom Coffee


Your destination, for coffee in Portland. Experience the ambiance of Hillsboro's brews.

At Roasted by Mom we are more than a coffee shop, we are a family centered adventure rooted in the heart of Hillsboro. Our selected beans, roasted with love and attention capture the essence of Portland's renowned coffee culture. Whether you are a resident or exploring Portland and searching for "coffee near me " we guarantee a cup that feels like home yet tastes like a journey.

What Sets Us Apart?
Local Heritage Being born and raised in Portland our coffee pays homage to the community of Hillsboro.
Moms Expertise Each bean is meticulously roasted to perfection ensuring that every sip is bursting with flavor and comfort just like Mom used to make.
Commitment to Sustainability  We prioritize eco practices valuing our planet much as we value our coffee.

Our Story. From the Heart of Hillsboro to Your Mug
In the bustling streets of Hillsboro amidst the scent of brewed coffee, Roasted, by Mom came into existence. Our journey began with a vision. Bringing the warmth of a mothers kitchen to all coffee enthusiasts. Today nestled in the corners of Hillsboro we proudly represent the coffee heritage of Portland. Our mission goes beyond serving a cup of coffee; it's, about sharing stories with each sip.

Why Choose Us?
Uncompromising Quality; We carefully source our beans locally to ensure the most authentic experience of Portland's coffee.

Community Comes First We are more than a business; we are your neighbors serving our community.

Tailored to Perfection Whether you're facing a morning or enjoying an evening we have the perfect blend to match every mood.


Who is the "Mom" ?


Keri Elliott - Owner of Roasted By Mom Coffee

Hello, I’m Keri.

I’m the mom behind this amazing coffee brand Roasted By Mom Coffee

Let me tell you the story of how I started this amazing coffee company…


 I’m a SoCal native from Torrance, a cool spot just a short drive from LA (well, when traffic’s behaving).  Gave college a shot at aiming to be a Sign Language Interpreter, but instead, I rocked the barista life at Starbucks . It’s where my love affair with coffee began, diving deep into the flavors from different corners of the world.

In 2013 found love with Kevin, and adopted our fur babies Yukon and Darla. By 2015, ready to welcome our boy Ethan, we took a leap and moved to Oregon, landing in beautiful Portland.

2019, a podcast on home coffee roasting caught my ear. I got hooked, diving into roasting. That first sip of my own roasted Bolivian Coffee...

Game-changer. Thus, Elliott & Murrey Coffee Roasters was born. Cheers to great coffee adventures!  Then came the evolution...

The Evolution of Roasted By Mom 

Roasted By Mom Coffee Logo

 Back when Elliott & Murrey first started, I was just blending in with the crowd of local coffee roasters, unsure of what made me stand out. It was a journey of finding my identity, both personally and for my brand. The turning point came when I realized that being a mom wasn't just a part of who I am; it was central to my story as a coffee roaster. That's how 'Roasted by Mom Coffee' was born, a name that truly represents the heart and soul of my business.

Our first big hit was a special blend for Mother's Day, adorned with a colorful 'Roasted by Mom' label. It was more than just a product; it was a reflection of my journey as a mother and an entrepreneur. Realizing this unique aspect of my identity, 'Roasted by Mom'. It’s not just a tagline; it's a testament to the balance I strike daily as a business owner and a mother to my son.

'Roasted by Mom Coffee' is about more than just high-quality beans and delightful roasts. It's about infusing every cup with the love, care, and authenticity that comes from a mom’s touch.

Whether it's our specialty-grade coffee or the unique 'fufu' light roast, each batch is a piece of my story shared with the world. In 2023, we embraced this narrative wholeheartedly. We revamped our brand to not just tell our story but to connect genuinely with every person who tastes our coffee. 'Roasted By Mom Coffee' isn’t just a name; it’s a promise of quality, care, and authenticity in every sip.