How do you make a Coffee Cupping?

How do you make a Coffee Cupping?

The Art of Coffee Tastings and Cuppings: A Roaster's Guide to Savoring the Brew

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We are delving deep into the realm of coffee tastings and cuppings. If you're anything, like me coffee isn't a morning routine, it's a sensory journey. Today lets explore this world and even walk you through hosting your own coffee cupping at home with the basic outlines of the Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) official guide to cupping.


The Enchantment of Coffee Tastings and Cuppings

Coffee tastings and cuppings are the heartbeat of the coffee community. They're where the magic unfolds, revealing the flavors, scents and tales hidden within those beans. In our roastery cupping sessions hold a place. They go beyond just quality assurance; they mark a tribute to the beans voyage from farm to cup.

The Purpose Behind Cupping

Coffee Cupping - Roasted by Mom Coffee

Cupping enables us to assess coffee by comparing subtleties identifying flaws and ultimately ensuring that what reaches your mug is nothing than exceptional. It's akin to wine tasting but for coffee. Each coffee possesses its character influenced by its origin, variety and processing technique and cupping assists us in forming a connection, with each one.
Lets prepare for hosting your coffee tasting session at home following the respected SCA guidelines. It's simpler than you may think and incredibly fulfilling!

What You'll Require:

  1. Roasted coffee beans, Choose a variety to experience flavors.
  2. A grinder, Grind the beans to a size to what you'd use for a press.
  3. Tasting bowls, Aim for vessels, around 7-8 oz. ( 200 240ml). If you don't have tasting bowls, small bowls or wide cups will work fine.
  4. Hot water, below boiling point 200°F (93°C).
  5. Spoons, Soup or deep spoons work well for sipping the coffee.
  6. A kettle, Essential for pouring water.
  7. A timer, Precision timing is crucial in the tasting process.
  8. Tasting sheets or notepads, To record your observations and feedback.

Step by Step Instructions:

Grind Your Coffee Beans; Use 8.25 grams of coffee per 150ml of water. The grind should be coarser than espresso but finer, than what you'd use for drip coffee.

Prepare Your Bowls; Distribute the ground coffee evenly among each bowl.
Now is a moment to take a breath and savor the fragrant scent of the coffee grounds.

Pouring Hot Water; Fill each cup with water making sure all the grounds are thoroughly soaked. Start your timer! Very important to fill up to the top without stopping, otherwise your crust will not form.

Breaking the Crust; After 4 minutes gently break the layer of grounds that has formed on top using your spoon. Slowly push the spoon forward breaking the crust and enjoying the aromas that emerge. This is a step, in the tasting process.

Tasting; Following the crust break allow the coffee to cool slightly before tasting it. Dip your spoon scoop up some coffee. Slurp it with enthusiasm. Slurping helps aerate the coffee. Spreads its flavors evenly across your taste buds enabling you to assess its body, acidity, sweetness and flavor profiles.

Taking Notes; Write down any observations you make. There are no wrong answers here. Cupping is about exploration much as it is about objective evaluation.

Rinse and Repeat; Remember to clean your spoon after each taste to prevent flavor blending.


cupping session - roasted by mom coffee 

Hosting a coffee cupping session at home provides an opportunity to delve deeper into the world of coffee appreciation. It's a journey and an exploration of coffee varieties from, around the globe.
And always keep in mind the delightful cup of coffee is the one that brings you happiness. Therefore brew, savor and delve into it much as you desire!

Coffee cupping is not limited to experts; it's a tradition that any coffee enthusiast can enjoy allowing you to experience the tapestry of coffee culture within the comfort of your home. For me, as a roaster each cupping session serves as a reflection on why I developed a passion for coffee. It's a evolving journey of exploration that never fails to excite.

So gather some beans invite a companions and immerse yourself in the realm of coffee cupping. Who knows what delightful surprises await you in your sip? Here's to your adventure, with coffee!

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