Store your coffee in the fridge or freezer?

Store your coffee in the fridge or freezer?

At Roasted By Mom Coffee here to tackle a question that many new home brewers have; "Should we keep our coffee beans chilled?" If you're just starting to explore the world of specialty coffee this handy guide is tailored for you presented in our warm and relaxed style.


The Dilemma of Coffee Storage; Fridge, Freezer or Pantry?

Lets get straight to the point. Coffee is like a cake. It requires the conditions to maintain its freshness and flavor. Air, moisture, heat and light're known troublemakers that can ruin your coffee beans taste experience and leave you with a disappointment. So why do some people consider putting their beans in the fridge or freezer? Well it's about combating these enemies of freshness.


Cooling Down with Your Beans; Is the Fridge a Friend or Foe?

Here, at Roasted By Mom Coffee we believe that every bean brings joy. Storing your coffee beans, in the fridge may seem like an idea but let me tell you the truth; your fridge is actually not the place for them. It's a hub of humidity and temperature fluctuations which can affect the texture of bread and cheese.. As for coffee beans? Well they don't really thrive in that environment.

Now what about the freezer? It's like an Arctic expedition for your coffee beans. Yet risky. Freezing can help preserve their freshness to some extent if you're not planning to use them. But here's the catch; once you take them out of the freezer it's best not to put them. Doing so could lead to condensation forming on the beans as they thaw welcoming moisture and air – two things we want to avoid.

So here's our heartfelt recommendation; treat your coffee beans like treasures. Keep them in an dry place away from sunlight and strong odors. Think of a cupboard far from the oven. Consider investing in a coffee canister, with a secure seal.

This is the choice to retain the taste of freshly roasted coffee.

Embracing the Coffee Experience

Keep in mind that brewing coffee, at home is a journey and its perfectly fine to explore and try things. Whether you're brewing your cup or your thousandth what truly matters is how it satisfies your taste buds.. If you ever have any questions or want to share your coffee adventures remember that Roasted By Mom warmly welcomes you.

Wishing you brewing! 🌞☕
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