What are the Coffee Roasting levels

What are the Coffee Roasting levels

Coffee roasting involves the process of heating coffee beans to create the aroma and flavor that we all cherish in a cup of coffee. The degree of roast or roasting level significantly impacts the taste and characteristics of the brew.

In this blog post we will delve into the levels of coffee roasting and their influence, on the flavor profile of the brewed coffee.

Light Roast
Medium Roast
Dark Roast


What is Light Roast Coffee?

The lightest level of coffee roasting is known as " roast." At this stage coffee beans are heated to temperatures ranging from 356 to 401 degrees Fahrenheit. This produces a colored brew with a flavor and high acidity. Light roast coffees are often described as having an vibrant taste.


What is Medium Roast Coffee?

The next level of roasting is called " roast," where beans are heated between 410 and 428 degrees Fahrenheit. At this point coffee beans develop a balanced flavor profile, with acidity. The color of roast beans is a medium brown while their aroma becomes more pronounced compared to light roast coffees.

What is Dark Roast Coffee?

The deepest stage of coffee roasting is known as " roast," which involves heating the beans to temperatures ranging from 437 to 446 degrees Fahrenheit. During this process the coffee beans exhibit a brown hue and possess a robust intense flavor profile. The acidity level of the coffee is notably low while also exhibiting slightly charred undertones.

It's worth noting that the degree of roasting does not solely dictate the taste and qualities of a cup of coffee. Other factors, such, as the origin and variety of the beans also contribute significantly to its flavor.

To summarize the level at which coffee beans are roasted has an impact on the taste and characteristics experienced in every sip. Light roast coffees are characterized by their color gentle flavor profile and higher acidity levels. Medium roast coffees strike a balance with their flavors falling in between, accompanied by acidity. Dark roast coffees offer an bold flavor experience, with acidity levels. Exploring degrees of roasting can be a way to uncover new and delightful coffee nuances.

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