Female Roasters-Stirring Up the Coffee Industry.

Female Roasters-Stirring Up the Coffee Industry.


Our Journey, Pioneering as a Female in the Specialty Coffee Industry.

 Did you know? 24.2% of coffee roasters are women and 75.8% of coffee roasters are men? Women earn ¢ .84 for every $1 earned by men?*

Roasted By Mom Coffee is more than a brand; it represents a revolution led by women in the coffee world. As coffee roasters we have embraced the challenges and triumphs of carving out our space in an industry traditionally dominated by men. Our path is one fueled by passion, determination and the incredible power of women in coffee.

The Impact of Women in the World of Coffee

When it comes to coffee and entrepreneurship women bring forth creativity and strength. Statistics indicate that female coffee roasters and entrepreneurs are reshaping the industry landscape. We draw inspiration from women in this field who demonstrate that a woman's place can be wherever she chooses – at the helm of a thriving coffee business.

Driving Change. Advocating for Women within the Coffee Community.

At Roasted By Mom Coffee our commitment, to women's rights extends beyond words. We actively support initiatives that empower women in coffee by partnering with organizations that share our mission. Such as #shestheroaster ( IG @shestheroaster) Our main focus is, on providing resources and opportunities for women in the coffee industry aiming to set a benchmark for what it means to be coffee roasters.

Join Our Cause, Support Women in Coffee Roasting.

Your participation can make an impact in the fight for gender equality within the coffee industry. Make a choice to purchase from businesses like ours that promote and uplift women in the coffee industry.

Raise Awareness: Use your voice on social media platforms to advocate for coffee roasters and emphasize the importance of women's contributions in this field.

Educate and Engage: Take part in events and discussions that revolve around the role and influence of women within the realm of coffee.                                 

Opinion Matters: Share your experiences and thoughts regarding supporting women in coffee roasting. Your stories serve as inspiration not to us but to others so please feel free to leave a comment below or connect with us on social media.

Here are some of our friends and fellow female roasters we want to highlight

Marigold Coffee - Portland, Oregon

Sinister Coffee & Creamery - Portland, Oregon

Mother Tongue Coffee - Oakland, CA

K&M Coffee - Los Angeles, CA 

Red Bloom Coffee - Seattle, WA

Sauvie Island Coffee - Beaverton,OR

Upper Left Roasters - Portland, OR

A Future Shaped by Women in Coffee
We hope you feel inspired to join us as we champion women's empowerment within the world of coffee. Every purchase from Roasted By Mom Coffee takes us one step closer, to achieving an inclusive industry. Together lets continue brewing a future led by resilient women within the realm of coffee.


* Site Coffee Roasters Demographics

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