Exploring Hillsboro's Coffee

Exploring Hillsboro's Coffee

Lets embark on an adventure through the landscape of Hillsboro's coffee culture

We love our city and want to share the heart and soul of Hillsboro's coffee scene. Our city is has be growing within the past 5 years we have seen Hillsboro's coffee scene grow with a range of coffee shops and roasters each, with their special flavors and captivating stories. See what the buzz is all about of these treasures spotlighting the tapestry of coffee culture in our community.

Located west of the Portland, Oregon Metro Area these coffee roasters are brewing up some magic is side of town.

At Roasted by Mom Coffee we celebrate diversity and foster collaboration at the heart of Hillsboro. Our partnerships extend beyond the beans; they're, about interweaving the threads of our community to cultivate a more vibrant and enriching coffee culture.

 Roasted by Mom Coffee


At Roasted by Mom Coffee it's not about serving coffee. it's about fostering a space where the community can come together. Our artisanal approach to roasting brings out the qualities in every bean while our doors are always open for anyone seeking a delightful cup of joe and a friendly chat.

Address: 2038 NE Alocleck Drive #219 Hillsboro, Oregon 97124

Website: https://www.roastedbymom.com


Bennett Urban Farm Store

 A cozy spot where sustainability meets great coffee. Their dedication to ingredients and local and eco friendly products ensures that every sip reflects their love, for both the community and the environment.

Address: 276 E Main St, Hillsboro, OR 97123

Website: https://www.bennetturbanfarmstore.com/

Tall Fir Coffee


Tall Fir Coffee - Hillsboro, OR - Roasted by Mom Coffee 

A dream come true for minimalists who seek  to savor crafted brews. Their commitment, to simplicity and excellence shines in every cup they serve.

Their mission Statement " One of our goals is to continue to search for coffees that produce unique flavors from small farms around the world. By supporting those smaller farms they can improve farming practices and support the communities around them."

Website: https://tallfircoffee.com/


Blind Coffee Roasters


Pouring their passion into their craft excelling in creating adventurous blends. Their unwavering dedication to quality and innovation sets them apart within Hillsboro's coffee community. They are an multi award-winning coffee roasting company with fun coffee names.

Website: https://www.blindcoffeeroasters.com

Address: 2038 NE Alocleck Drive #219 Hillsboro, Oregon 97124


Capitol Press Coffee Co.

Hillsboro Coffee Roasters - Capitol Press Coffee - Roasted by mom 

Steve Lanphier founder of Capitol Press Coffee Company had a passion for coffee. Steve, the “Coffee Jedi”, continued to train baristas, help to open coffee shops, consulted, and trained some of today’s best roasters.
After his passing in 2017, his family carried on his passion of great coffee with Capitol Press Coffee Company.

You can find their coffee at our roastery and their coffee is served at all Sesame Doughnut Locations throughout the Portland Metro.

Website: https://capitolpresscoffee.com/


Dapper & Wise

Dapper and Wise Coffee  Well known for their shops, Insomnia Coffee, exudes an air of sophistication, where every detail receives attention. From their curated blends to the ambiance they offer patrons are treated to an elevated coffee experience.

Website: https://dapperandwise.com/

Longbottom Coffee

Being one of the trailblazers in the coffee scene brings decades of roasting expertise to the table. Their café and roastery beckon visitors to witness the journey from bean to cup.

Website: https://www.longbottomcoffee.com

Address: 4893 NE 59th Ave, Hillsboro, OR 97124


We would like to extend an invitation for you to delve into the tastes and narratives found within Hillsboro's coffee culture. From Bennett Urban Farm Stores commitment, to sustainability, to the coffee blends offered by Blind Coffee Roasters there is a world of coffee waiting to be explored. Additionally we warmly welcome you to visit Roasted by Mom Coffee, where every cup is served with a helping of community spirit.

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