Find Roasted by Mom at Aloha Community Farmers Market

Find Roasted by Mom at Aloha Community Farmers Market

Experience the Spirit of Aloha at the Aloha Community Farmers Market

Aloha, Oregon isn't a location, it's a feeling. Tucked away near Portland, Aloha provides the tranquility of life intertwined with the warmth of a knit community. Central, to this community is the lively Aloha Community Farmers Market, a gathering place where local artists and farmers share their passions. Amidst the produce and handmade treasures you'll find us, Roasted by Mom Coffee putting our heart into each cup.

Why Explore the Aloha Community Farmers Market?

For both newcomers and long time residents the market is more than a shopping destination—it's an opportunity to connect with the land and spirit of the region. It serves as a place where embracing local's is key, everything showcased here is grown, crafted or brewed within proximity.

 It's a space for socializing with friends enjoying music performances and immersing oneself in traditions. Environmental consciousness is paramount to all involved, we are dedicated to eco practices ranging from cultivation, to environmentally friendly packaging.

Introducing Roasted by Mom Coffee

At Roasted by Mom Coffee we're not passionate, about brewing coffee; we're also dedicated to making a positive impact. Our journey began with a home roaster and a deep appreciation for crafted coffee. Despite our growth from those beginnings our core principles of excellence, community and sustainability remain unwavering.

What Makes Us Unique?
We source our beans from notch farms. Each batch is roasted with precision to bring out its flavors. We give back to causes and support neighboring businesses.

Experience the comforting familiarity of our coffees wherever you call home. Indulge in the tastes from regions around the globe perfectly crafted for your enjoyment. Don't miss out on our selections that encapsulate the spirit of each season.

Visiting us at the Aloha Community Farmers Market's isn't about purchasing coffee, it's an immersive experience.

Sample our brews, on site and discover your favorite. Come learn from mom and enjoy sharing stories, about how we roast our beans and where they come from. Join our community by savoring a cup of coffee that helps us give back to causes and keeps the community vibrant.

Curious about exploring the flavors of Alohas coffee culture? We look forward to meeting you at the Aloha Community Farmers Market every weekend. Visit us in the afternoon. Until the crowd starts thinning out. Let Roasted, by Mom Coffee introduce you not to a beverage. To a welcoming community filled with warmth.

Remember, each sip supports businesses and sustainable practices. See you at the market soon!

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