What is the difference between specialty coffee and regular coffee?

What is the difference between specialty coffee and regular coffee?

There are two terms used in the coffee industry to distinguish between quality and low quality coffee; specialty coffee beans and commodity coffee beans. The distinction, between these two types of coffee has an impact on consumers ability to make purchasing decisions especially when it comes to specialty coffee.

Understanding Coffee Bean Types: Specialty vs. Commodity

Specialty coffee beans are high-quality beans grown in ideal conditions, focusing on ethical practices and detailed attention during harvesting, processing, and roasting.

Commodity coffee beans are mass-produced, typically with traditional methods, resulting in a more uniform and less complex taste.

Quality and Price Comparison

    Specialty coffee beans are priced higher due to their quality and the costs involved in their production.
    Commodity coffee beans are more affordable, reflecting their lower production costs and quality.

    Impact on Consumer Choices
    Specialty coffee beans offer a diverse range of flavors and high quality, enhancing the consumer experience.
    • The higher cost of specialty coffee may limit accessibility for some consumers.
    • Commodity coffee beans provide a budget-friendly option, often used in blended products for those prioritizing cost and convenience.

    Implications for the Coffee Industry

    The distinction between specialty and commodity coffee beans highlights the importance of quality, sustainability, and ethical practices in coffee production.
    Specialty coffee beans, while superior in quality, may not be accessible to all due to their higher price. Commodity coffee beans, though less complex in flavor, offer a convenient and economical choice for those valuing affordability.

    The contrast between specialty and commodity coffee beans emphasizes the significance of quality, sustainability and ethical practices within the industry. Specialty coffee beans provide a product with attributes; however their higher price point can restrict accessibility. On the hand commodity coffee beans may not match up in terms of complexity or excellence. Can be more budget friendly and convenient, for consumers who prioritize these aspects over absolute quality.

    At Roasted By Mom Coffee, we choose to source Specialty Coffee because we care about quality and the paying above fair trade price to support farmers in their efforts to produce the quality coffee we roast.

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