What is the point of pour over coffee?

What is the point of pour over coffee?

Pour over coffee has gained popularity because it offers an well balanced cup of joe with a flavor profile.

This brewing method is known for being hands, on allowing coffee enthusiasts to have control over their final brew and explore different types of beans and brewing techniques. In pour over brewing hot water is manually poured over coffee grounds placed in a filter typically made of paper or cloth to extract the flavors.

One of the reasons pour over coffee is appreciated is its nature. Unlike brewing methods it doesn't require paper filters or complex machinery. Its often seen as an refined way of making coffee adding a touch of sophistication to the process.

Making a cup of pour over coffee at home can be achieved through simplicity and elegance.

To achieve the pour over brew you'll need three elements; proper equipment, high quality beans and mastering the right technique.

To start off you'll require a pour over cone and filter. There are options such, as the Hario V60, Chemex or Kalita Wave; choose the one that suits your preferences best. To find a notch roasted coffee make sure it has been roasted within the last two weeks. Starting with a roast is an idea but don't hesitate to explore various roasts until you discover your ideal flavor.

To begin brewing place the filter in the cone. Rinse it with water to eliminate any papery taste. This step also warms up the cone and carafe. Then add your coffee grounds into the filter. For every gram of coffee aim for a coffee, to water ratio of 1;15 meaning you'll need 15 grams of water.

Next gently pour a quantity of water (around 200F) over the grounds to saturate them completely. Allow this mixture to sit for 30 seconds to enable the coffee to "bloom," which releases any trapped gases. Afterward gradually pour the remaining water, over the coffee in a motion ensuring that all grounds are covered. The entire brewing process should take around 2 3 minutes.

Lastly remove the cone. Savor your flawless pour over coffee creation. Remember to experiment with types of beans grinds and water temperatures until you achieve your desired brew.

Here's a simple recipe, for achieving the pour over coffee;

What you'll need;
A pour over cone and filter
high quality coffee beans (like the ones we offer here)

1. Start by placing the filter in the cone and rinsing it with water to eliminate any papery taste.
2. Add your desired amount of coffee grounds to the filter maintaining a 1;15 ratio of coffee to water.
3. Begin pouring water ( 200F) over the grounds slowly ensuring they are completely saturated. Let it sit for 30 seconds to allow the coffee to bloom.
4. Continue pouring the remaining water over the coffee in a motion making sure all grounds are covered. The total brewing time should be 2 3 minutes.
5. Remove the cone. Savor your brewed pour over coffee.

Remember this is a guide for creating a cup of pour over coffee. As you become more acquainted with the process feel free to experiment with variables such, as grind size, water temperature and pouring technique to discover your preference.

Enjoy your cup of handcrafted pour over goodness!

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