Top 10 Must-Visit Coffee Roasters in Portland, Oregon - A Local's Guide

Top 10 Must-Visit Coffee Roasters in Portland, Oregon - A Local's Guide

Portland's Coffee Paradise: Your Ultimate Guide to Local Roasts

If you've recently relocated to Portland, Oregon or planning a trip and happen to be a coffee enthusiast, get ready, for an exciting coffee adventure. Portland isn't just famous for its culture and breathtaking scenery, it's also a paradise for coffee lovers. As a coffee roasting company we can't wait to share our picks for coffee roasters in and around Portland that will surely tantalize your taste buds and enhance your coffee journey.

Starting this exploration of Portland and its surrounding regions, for coffee won't just expose you to a range of flavors. It will also link you with the narratives and groups tied to every cup. Whether you're a resident or simply traveling by take the time to appreciate the experiences and unique blends that make up this coffee scene.

Marigold Coffee. Embracing Aromas of Joy

At Marigold Coffee each sip is like a dance of flavors. Renowned for their selection of beans and meticulous roasting techniques Marigold brings out the exquisite aromas in every bean. Whether you prefer an espresso or a gentle pour over Marigold offers something to captivate every palate. They're an awesome Woman Owned and Operated Coffee Roasting Company.

Fetch Coffee Roasters.  Where Love of dogs Meets Bean

Fetch Coffee Roasters shines with its approach to coffee roasting. Focusing on sustainability and direct trade Fetch ensures that each cup not tastes great but also reflects a narrative of collaboration and dedication. Their wide range of single origin coffees showcases their dedication to quality. They're highly committed to the ongoing need dogs have around the globe to be cared for and treated with love and compassion.

Nossa Familia.  Honoring Family Traditions

Nossa Familia takes pride in their deep family roots, in the world of coffee farming and roasting. From the coffee plantations of Brazil, to the corners of Portland these coffee spots bring a touch of Brazilian warmth to the city. Their dedication to sourcing and community engagement creates an inviting atmosphere that feels like home.

Proud Mary Coffee.  Australian Influence
Proud Mary Coffee infuses a taste of coffee culture into Portlands scene. Known for their top notch service and creative coffee offerings Proud Mary is a must visit destination for those about cutting edge coffee experiences.

Spella Café.  Italian Flair

Spella Café is a spot specializing in Italian style espresso and artisanal drinks. With a focus on precision and tradition Spella offers an espresso bar vibe that transports you to a quaint café in Rome.

Deadstock Coffee Sneaker Culture + Coffee

it's more than a place to grab a cup of joe, it's a cultural hub. By intertwining a love for coffee and sneaker culture Deadstock offers an experience that strikes a chord with both locals and visitors.

Bastion Coffee  They are quickly gaining recognition for their innovative approach to sourcing and sustainability. Bastion appeals to those who're passionate about making an impact one cup at a time.

Two Strokes Coffee blends the worlds of motorcycles and coffee into one space. It serves as a stop, for those who cherish the freedom of the road alongside enjoying a top notch cup of coffee.

Across the River into Washington State

Relevant Coffee Vancouver, WA.

A Journey Across the River a hop across the river to Vancouver, WA Relevant Coffee awaits with its take on coffee roasting and vibrant community hub. It's a haven, for coffee enthusiasts looking for innovation and connection.

Paper Tiger Coffee Roasters Vancouver, WA.

Also situated in Vancouver, Paper Tiger Coffee Roasters shines with its flavorful coffee blends. Their dedication, to excellence shines through in each batch establishing Paper Tiger as a go to spot for coffee aficionados who value the intricacies of coffee roasting.


Want to explore more Coffee Companies outside of the Metro Portland area? You can always stop by and see us at Roasted by Mom Coffee in Hillsboro, OR just 20 minutes west outside of Portland, OR and you can find other coffee roasters in the area with our guide to Hillsboro's Coffee Culture 


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