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Cool Mom Decaf

Cool Mom Decaf

Flavor Profile  Chocolate, Almonds & Sugarcane

Roast Level Medium

Process Sugarcane EA Process

Region Colombia


Indulge, in a cup of coffee with hints of sugarcane almonds and chocolate
For moms seeking a laid-back coffee break our decaf blend is the ticket
Crafted using a special sugarcane method that sets it apart from other decafs

What sets our decaf apart? At the Farm, they employ a sugarcane process to produce this coffee. It also retains all the natural flavors and scents found in regular coffee.

The outcome is a smoother taste compared to decaf blends making it an ideal choice for moms who prefer milder options. If you crave a coffee experience, without the caffeine kick, our Cool Mom Sugarcane Process Decaf coffee is your go-to. Place your order today. Savor the flavors of premium coffee without the jitters.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
A new favorite 😍

I'm a huge coffee person and I've recently had to switch to decaf. I was nervous because decaf coffees can really very from good to not so great. Each coffee that I've tried from Roasted By Mom has been awesome and this decaf is no different! I love it and will be buying it again! It's really smooth and good with or without adding to it. Thank you for putting care into your decaf❤️

Best decaf!!!

Hands down, this is the best coffee! I am caffeine sensitive so I have to drink decaf and I’m so glad this was recommended to me. It’s delicious! I’m usually a little coffee with my cream kinda person but I actually enjoy cool mom decaf that I don’t a lot of extra add-ons. The coffee is so smooth and doesn’t leave any bitterness in the back of my throat that so many of the major coffee brands do. Definitely recommend this!!

Decaf drinkers have feelings, too!
Still awesome

2nd purchase - still love it