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Whoa, Dude! Espresso

Whoa, Dude! Espresso

Flavor Profile  Chocolate & Caramel, Smoky

Roast Level Medium-Dark

Process Washed

Region Central America


Experience a blend of subtle flavors that offer hints of dark chocolate, molasses, and nutty caramel. Ideal, for those who appreciate the essence with its deep layers intricate taste profile, velvety finish and well-rounded acidity. Treat yourself to a coffee journey with our Whoa, Dude Espresso Blend.

We are dedicated to the art of coffee making, evident in every pack of our Whoa Dude Espresso Blend. From the bean selection to the roasting process each stage in crafting our espresso blend reflects our commitment and dedication.

Why not enhance your coffee experience with a fusion of intensity and sweetness? Place an order, for a pack of Whoa Dude Espresso Blend today. Savor the essence of a remarkable espresso cup.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews

I don't care for fruity coffees, so this one is PERFECT. It's dark and smooth and coats my entire mouth with deliciousness. Well worth getting it shipped across the country!

Whoa Dude! Espresso Blend is our FAVORITE

While looking for a whole bean coffee for our At Home Espresso Machine we stumbled upon this one. We grabbed Whoa Dude! Espresso blend. We grabbed that particular one only because it said "Espresso" Hands Down the ONLY... and I mean the ONLY one that Works in Our Home DeLonghi $1,000+ coffee machine! We have been looking for years for the right one and we finally found it!!!!! We don't have to shop or try any other brand anymore!
For several years we have been experimenting with beans for our at home coffees/espresso...each time we try a brand we throw it away, give it away, or make a coffee pour it out, throw it away and drive to a local coffee shop! WE DON'T HAVE TO DO THAT ANYMORE!!! YAY!!!!
We buy this brand because we love it, and our espresso machine does too! The consistency of the beans are perfect for the machine! Our local Market is the only place around the area that we found it, or carries that brand. Unfortunately they stopped stocking the shelves with the Whoa Dude! Espresso Blend.... we were bummed.....but glad it was there the day we found it..... and from now we will just order it! We like it so much that we sent our niece in Utah some too! Happy Customers!

Cheri VothGreene
Love. This. Coffee.

I live a short drive from New Orleans, yet I have a subscription to this coffee delivered every month. Enough said!

Whoa, dudettes!

This is one of my favorite espressos - lovely flavor, nice complexity. Back for more before I knew it.


This was bomb!